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R.I.P. Mrs Loddington

This week saw the funeral of a much loved teacher. Mrs Loddington was incredibly popular with Old Girls and staff.

Miss Smithies shared this lovely tribute

It was with deep sadness that we heard of the death of Mrs Lesley Loddington on 12th August this year. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Jake and all their family.

Mrs Loddington joined the Elmslie staff in1969 to teach English in a part-time capacity. She became full-time in 1978 and in 1982 became Senior Mistress. Over the years many Old Girls have told me of their gratitude not only for her inspirational teaching but also for her advice and encouragement. There were, too, many other roles in which she made a memorable contribution to Elmslie including as form mistress, sixth form tutor, librarian, drama producer and active supporter of House, Old Girls' and Friends' activities.

As Senior Mistress her organisational skills, considerable diplomacy and good humour earned her the admiration and affection of colleagues and pupils alike. I in particular owe her an especial debt of gratitude for her wise counsel, capacity for hard work and unfailing support. It was a privilege as well as a pleasure to work with her.

Mrs Loddington's husband Jake, you may recall, helped us in several areas of school life including computing and we appreciated his support too. I am grateful that, after Lesley's retirement we remained good friends and it has been a sadness to watch her declining health. I hope that the affection and appreciation felt by all who knew her will provide her husband and family with some comfort at this sad time.

May Lesley rest in peace.

Elizabeth Smithies

August 2020

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Was long gone by this time so I regret I did not know Mrs Loddington. RIP. This is the first communication I have had in 2 years? Am I still connected or is not a lot going on? Are you there - Adrienne Wohrmann? Joan Abbott whom I met about 2 years ago - and promptly disappeared?

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